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My name is Josh and I am a photo/video artist originally from the humble town of Peru, Indiana. In my 12+ years of practicing photography I have found that the one thing that continually draws me to keep clicking the shutter is how photography connects us to each other and the world through storytelling.  Whether it be a grand mountain-scape high in the Sierras or a young family celebrating the arrival of their newest members, the story of now is begging to be told! Although in my landscapes I prefer a touch of ethereal cool tones, blues, pinks, and purples, in my portraiture I think mild oranges and teals are truly beautiful. I have a mission to create affordable, unique, and high quality visual works for all of my clients. 

I pride myself in being able to connect with my clients and being able to photograph them in a relaxed yet intimate environment to be able to show their true selves and their passions. When choosing to schedule a session, wedding, or elopement know that I will make

the time and take the effort necessary to make sure that you and your loved ones are kept comfortable, happy, and your story is told beautifully.

I cannot wait to begin planning how to best tell your story!Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with questions by clicking the contact button at the top of the page!

You can also reach me at jsaltsmanphoto@gmail.com or @jsaltsmanphoto on Instagram. 

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